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Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Hypnobirthing


When and Why should I book a course with The Hypnobirthing Coach?

When and why should you book a course with me?  


My course is a complete antenatal education with all the added extra benefits of Hypnobirthing too! 


The course will cover:


✨The physiology of birth

✨The importance of the birth partner and how they can support you

✨The stages of labour

✨Birth place options

✨Questions to ask your caregivers

✨Ways to deal with stress and pressure 

✨Breathing techniques that work with your body to maximise your body’s own         

     natural reflexes so you may birth your baby gently

✨Methods of induction & pain relief options

✨Relaxation techniques 

✨How to write a birth plan

✨Techniques to help you to release fears

✨What happens after the baby arrives

✨Plus much, much more!


My course will give you the essential tools to take you through your pregnancy, labour and birth. 


You and your partner will feel prepared, confident, calm and even excited for your baby’s birth, giving them the best start in life!


Prepare for the arrival of your baby - and what better way to start 2024 by booking your place for my next course! Just £250 per couple and you can pay in instalments. I have classes each month and would love to guide you through your pregnancy.

The best time to attend a course with me is from 20 weeks onwards.  The sooner you attend the course the longer you have to practice the techniques before the birth of your baby.

Book today: Send me a message to discuss options, or if you are ready too book now head to the Courses page.


I can’t wait to meet you this year!





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