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An Anchor is a really useful self hypnosis tool.

Using an anchor is the linking of an association to a memory that you have which is triggered by any of our senses. We all have many of these without even realising it.

For example hearing a song from your teenage years could transport you back to the feelings you had on your favourite holiday away with your friends. Or the smell of washing powder could remind you of your grandparents.

For birth we create positive anchors which trigger a calm and relaxed state. For example placing your hand on your shoulder and saying I am calm and relaxed while listening to calming music and using breathing techniques. By making a neural pathway you can trigger this response when placing your hand on your shoulder and telling yourself you are calm and relaxed.

Your birthing partner can also create anchors with you to maybe have a hand squeeze which means that there are no need for words during labour.

This all takes time and practice. I can teach you how use self hypnosis during my classes. It’s an absolutely amazing skill that will really help you to overcome any fears, or anxiety that you may have.

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