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I can help you to make your birth plan 🙌🏻

There are so many benefits of a birth plan.  I know lots of people think that if they plan for birth they’ll only end up disappointed if it doesn’t go to plan. BUT that’s exactly the reason why you should plan. You can then plan for the what if’s and to make sure your choices and wishes are known should you need to resort to plan B, plan C or even plan D.

It really is best to have your wishes written out, it saves you from having to make split second decisions or having discussions when you could be tuning out and using your self hypnosis skills such as your relaxing breath or using your time to listen to the MP3s that come with your course.   

Knowing what you would do in a  certain scenario will undoubtedly make it much easier to cope with..

For example you may really want a water birth and you’d only consider a Caesarean as being a last resort for an emergency situation. If you plan for that “what if” moment you can make sure that you still get to have some of your wishes such as delayed cord clamping and skin to skin contact.

Birth can be so unpredictable, and this is where hypnobirthing really makes such a huge difference to your experience.  The best way that I can support you is to help you to plan for the best birth you can have. Things may happen to change that plan but with all of the information and preparation you can make informed choices and decisions. You will still be in control and be able to remain calm and relaxed knowing that you had allowed yourself to plan for this, just in case it happened.

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