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It’s hot hot hot!

How are you all coping with the heat?  We all long for the sunshine ☀️ and then sometimes when it eventually comes it seems to be intensely hot.

I had two of my three babies after very long hot summers, when September felt like a very long way off!  Luckily by the time I had them both, the weather had cooled slightly.

My first baby was born in March, on a rare very hot day 20 years ago! Wow that sounds like such a long time, but it feels like only yesterday when I think back.

I have 3 girls, aged 20, 17 and 4.  I had lots of different experiences with each of their pregnancies and births.  When I was pregnant with my third baby I had assumed that lots of things would be very different this time, as 13 years had passed since my second baby.  In fact very little had changed and I really wanted to know more, to feel different, to have more choices and to have more control over how it all went.  I had suffered with a retained placenta and a post partum haemorrhage with my second baby.  I had some worries and wanted to make sure that I was doing everything that I could to avoid this from happening again. I also didn’t want it to overshadow my pregnancy with fear and worry.

I went to the internet to look for some answers, I followed lots of different types of pregnancy and birth related accounts.  All things I couldn’t do with my first and second babies!

I found the world of hypnobirthing and loved that it was used in all types of births to help you to remain, free of fear, relaxed, empowered, knowledgeable, calm and confident.

To be honest I wasn’t sure about the affirmations at first and didn’t know if I would be able to harness the power of the self hypnosis part.  I kept an open mind and thought I’d take a face to face class to give  me the best chance of making it all work for me. Initially my husband was a bit hesitant. This was his first baby and he wanted to try the NCT classes. I couldn’t see what they would do for me as a third time mum, and really wanted to take a totally different approach to this birth.

All I can say is wow! I am so glad that I did the research and found an amazing class.

I kept in touch with Wendy

Wood @wendywood_birthandbusines s (my hypnobirthing coach) and always thought I would love to be able to teach other women and birthing parents this whole new approach to birth.

Although funnily enough, it's not actually new, but since birth has become such a medicated and managed experience in modern times, it seems new.

I decided to train with Wendy and Melissa @thelittlebirthcompany and I am so excited and proud to now be able to help other parents to be to learn about all of the different ways, choices, and experiences there are that you can use for your pregnancy, birth and baby.

Please do message me to find out more. We can have a chat on the phone to answer any of your questions about attending a course.

I'm looking forward to chatting to vou.

Jane x

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