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Want to know how using the science and the soul to create a calm birth changes EVERYTHING...

During birth, the brain and uterus work together through a complex interplay of hormones and neurological signals. The brain releases oxytocin, known as the “love hormone,” which stimulates surges/waves in the uterus. Additionally, the brain releases other essential birth hormones involved in ensuring that the birthing process is smooth and efficient.

As long as the release of adrenaline is avoided the birthing hormones will all work together with your birthing muscles to bring your baby to you.

This is why a calm birth is essential, if we can allow the hormones to work uninterrupted, your body will know instinctively what to do. As soon as you allow fear and tension to creep in, this blocks the process and allows  the fear - tension - pain cycle to kick in.  This then triggers your freeze, fight or flight mode and your surges/waves will slow down or stop.

This is when we hear of health professionals offering to give you a bit of help with a drip to speed things up again.  As long  as you remain calm, and feel safe and supported your body will be able to do this all by itself.

When you come along to one of my classes I will go into this in a lot more depth and teach you lots of ways to help you to remain calm and focused, and to release your fears.

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