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Why calm birth might be the missing piece in your birth plan…

Why calm birth might be the missing piece in your birth plan

You might not be a planner, but trust me, you need to plan for birth.  Your plan can have many aspects to it, it doesn’t need to be complex, it can be quite basic. Something simple like bullet points which are quick and easy to read would be fab.

When you’re thinking about your birth plan I can imagine there’s a long list of things you’ve got covered.  Maybe something like this…

✨Talking in hushed tones please

✨Please don’t offer me pain relief , I’ll

  ask for it when I’m ready

✨Delayed cord clamping

✨Golden hour - undisturbed with baby

  after birth for at least an hour

Etc etc

Have you thought about calm birth? What does a calm birth mean to you?

A calm birth starts with your intention. When you set your intentions and use a great mindset anything is possible.

Birth can if of course be quite unpredictable it when you’ve made a plan you can still have a calm and positive experience, even if it’s not the plan a version of birth that you have dreamt of.

The midwives in your local area are now really great at helping hypnobirthing mummies to keep to their birth plans. In fact it makes their job a whole lot easier. They know that you’ve done your research, that you’ve made a plan, that you’d like a calm and positive experience and that you’re going to be utilising your breath work, visualisations and your 5 senses to remain calm, positive and focused.

Head to my bio and there’s a link to how the 5 senses can be utilised during birth.

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